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New CDN service

Mosso’s new CDN service cost $0.22 per GB.  


Some simple tests show mosso cdn is just as fast as amazon cloud front. I offloaded some of my blog’s static image to mosso cloud files.

Pagetest  shows about 10% overall page loading time improvement.

I also wrote a simple bash script to help copying files. It seems mosso does not support gzip encoding yet, nor does cname support.

Some test result:

Pagetest from New Zealand:

New Zealand Waterfall

New Zealand Waterfall


New Zealand Connection

New Zealand Connection

Pagetest from VA USA:



VA USA Waterfall

VA USA Connection

VA USA Connection

My favorite Naruto episode

Identify Yourself: Powerful New Rivals.

I bought a naruto domain

You can start paying Google App Engine now

More cloud news this week.

Google just announced paid resources for GAE.

The price is similar to other cloud provider. Interesting is that they also charge 0.01 cent per email recipient .

WordPress approved my first plugin

Check this out.