One line script to minify js css directory using yuicompressor

The default installation of WordPress use full version of css and javascript library. In order to minify all of these files, I wrote this bash script to minify all of them. There will be no progress bar while minifying, so be patient.

cd wordpress
find -H . -type f -writable  ( -name *.css -o -name *.js )  
-exec sh -c "yuicompressor {} -o /tmp/yui.tmp && mv /tmp/yui.tmp {}" ;

This will only work under POSIX system.
Findutils should be included in most popular Linux distros.
Yuicompressor can be downloaded from here.

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  • How safe is this? Could you give a “before and after” example of an original script to a minified version? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Using Ubuntu Lucid Server I changed the command a little bit, using yui-compressor package included. To see what file currently has been processed.

    find -H . -type f -writable ( -name *.css -o -name *.js )
    -exec sh -c “echo {} && yui-compressor {} -o /tmp/yui.tmp && mv /tmp/yui.tmp {}” ;