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New CDN service

Mosso’s new CDN service cost $0.22 per GB.  


Some simple tests show mosso cdn is just as fast as amazon cloud front. I offloaded some of my blog’s static image to mosso cloud files.

Pagetest  shows about 10% overall page loading time improvement.

I also wrote a simple bash script to help copying files. It seems mosso does not support gzip encoding yet, nor does cname support.

Some test result:

Pagetest from New Zealand:

New Zealand Waterfall

New Zealand Waterfall


New Zealand Connection

New Zealand Connection

Pagetest from VA USA:



VA USA Waterfall

VA USA Connection

VA USA Connection

EC2 new price

Amazone just anounced reserved instance.

The 3 year reserved small instance price at 3.9 cents per hour, which is equalivalent to $28 per month. Not bad for a vps with 1.7GB ram and 160GB hard driver at all. But I have found some even lower priced VPS, $3.95 per month for 512MB ram with 1 year billing.

My favorite Naruto episode

Identify Yourself: Powerful New Rivals.

I bought a naruto domain

Plugin updates

I updated 2 of my wordpress plugins.

WordPress plugin Parallel Load

My 3rd WordPress plugins is here.

This plugin will improve javascript loading time by load them in parallel. More info can be found here.